Re: Epson 2200 clogging?

From: Mike Klemmer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/12/05-10:19:02 PM Z
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I get some plugged nozzles now and again when the printer has been sitting
idle for a while, but the cleaning utility always clears them up after one
pass. No problem.

Early on I tried using a thick, fibrous watercolor paper in the 2200. The
nozzles got pluged up from the fibers, and no amount of the cleaning utility
was able to clear them up. I had to send the 2200 back for a replacement
unit (under warranty). Other than that I have no other problems to report.
Stick with using smooth papers and you should be ok. Epson VFA is great
stuff with the 2200.

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> Does the Epson 2200 have the same clogging problems as the 1280 series?
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