Re: OT: Camera Cluttered

From: Pam Niedermayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/02/05-08:20:58 PM Z
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Put them in cabinets, bookcases with lower units that have doors. As to
theft, my big, black Saluki is chief of security. Not that he'd hurt
anyone, but he puts up a good front barking, pinning people to walls,
and he has this neat trick of jumping 4 or 5 feet straight in the air,
looks like he's going for a jugular.


Michael Koch-Schulte wrote:

>I'm going crazy. My cameras are everywhere, all over the house. Konicas
>here, Leicas there, medium format outfit in several bags. I won't even
>mention the obsolete stuff which I've got boxes of. I need to build a
>cabinet or something. How do people store their stuff?!
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