Re: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)

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Date: 05/11/05-05:06:33 PM Z
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Hi Kerik,

Looking at the respirator, the filter (3M 6001/60928) says rated for organic
vapor/acid gas/P100. I checked 3M's website and they do have a filter
(6001/60925) rated for formaldehyde/organic vapor/P100 that will fit my
respirator. I couldn't find any information whether my filter, being rated
for more dangerous substances, was suitable for use with formaldehyde. Do
you know if it will work or should I get filters listed for formaldehyde?

Best, Scott

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> > I also wear a respirator rated for organic vapors when working with all
> > chemicals.
> Scott,
> FYI, if you're going to work with Formaldehyde, you should check to see if
> your VOC respirator is going to give you adequate protection. I had to get
> special cartridges specifically for formaldehyde.
> Kerik
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