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Getting chemicals for cyanos and gums was interesting here in Cairo. I used the chemistry department guru to get some of them, and a polymer chemist friend to get the others (both came back with messages from their suppliers wondering why in the hell i needed such wierd chemicals)...I agree with Eric on this, have the raw chemicals, have a batch mixed to coat paper with, and have some paper already dried to do a presentation in the beginning of the period, then let them go with the goods...kind of like the Graham Kerr Show, since we're talking kitchen recipes and all

Eric Neilsen <> wrote:Kris, I can understand the lack of equipment available to HS students, but
why not show them the way to do it and then just have some already mixed.
What will they get from a less accurate presentation? Does the school not
have a science department? A bit of devil's advocate here but I don't
understand justifying a looser approach to an experience because it just HS

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> hey all--
> anyone have a basic cyanotype recipe that uses baking-type measures
> rather than weights? (I.e. 2 tbsp. pot cyanide + 4 cups water; 1/2 cup
> ferric ammonium citrate + 4 cups water)
> trying to help out some high school kids...
> many thanks
> k

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