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Date: 05/30/05-02:42:53 PM Z
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Yup, Arches Aquarelle. I also tried the cold water soak with DS Lenox and
both papers were worthless without 2 coats of additional sizing. Even then
the lenox was much better to coat with gum. On the off chance that they
might be good for something, I tried both without additional sizing with
cyanotype and kallitype. What a waste; hard to coat evenly, took 4x the
amount of sensitizer, and printed flat and dull. I tried again with
additional sizing and got good Dmax and great contrast from the Lenox and
slightly less so with the Aquarelle; so from now on i'm sizing all of my
papers regardless of hot or cold preshrink. BTW, I didn't notice any
difference between using a hot or cold preshrink except my fingers fared
better with the cold. I just cold preshrunk Fabriano Uno and Coventry Rag (2
1/2 hour soaks at 70F), so i'll see how the work over the next week. I was
thinking about shrinking some Strathmore Drawing Bristol 1 ply Plate but I
don't think it'll hold up to more than 1 soak.

Best, Scott

> I can't speak to the general question of cold water presoak, as I said
> earlier, but in that discussion I did say that I didn't think cold
> soaking would improve a paper that prints badly unsized, of which
> Aquarelle, if by which you mean Arches Aquarelle, is exhibit A.
> kt
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