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> Sorry, but once again I am asking for OT. Guidance.
> Please feel free to
> contact me off list if this will be uninteresting to the
> list.
> I cannot open which is the website for
> the manufacturers
> of GraLab timers. I keep getting the "page cannot be
> displayed" error
> message.
> As I live in Barbados where we have 120V but 50Hz AC I
> wanted to replace the
> 60 Hz motors in my Model 300 timers (bought in the U.S.
> before moving here)
> with 50 Hz motors. At present the timers which use
> synchronous motors run
> at 5/6 normal speed. That means that 50 secs. on the
> timer equals a minute
> of real time!
> I am hoping to replace my 60 Hz motors with 50 Hz, 120V
> motors. I know
> they exist because yesterday evening I just saw three
> GraLab timers with 50
> Hz motors in them.
> Any ideas of how to reach GraLab or anyone who sells
> motors for their
> timers?
> Please check my website:
   I found the same thing, the page never loads. I did find
an e-mail address on another site. I
wrote a note telling them their web site is broken and also
asking about replacement motors and parts for their timers.
I just sent this a few minutes ago so I don't expect to hear
anything back for a time. If they are that carless about
their web site they may also be careless about their e-mail.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA 
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