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Would you be brave enough ;-) to say that Fab Artistico might be used
by students for single color without pre-shrinking?


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This is one of the reasons I quit using Aquarelle--too many
in the paper, and yes, when it has gone thru a shrink cycle it is much

I did take a pic of the spots and can email anyone interested offlist
well as my glyoxal yellowing images).
It did not happen on all my Aquarelle papers, just some. It happened
when I
used to use the hot soak, but now I don't use a hot soak, just a
soak, ever since we determined that A) A really hot soak interferes in
spotty way with manufacture sizing (I was adding saucepans full of
water to my bathtub to keep the water up to a high enough temp) and B)
lukewarm soak does just as well at preshrinking and C) My paper of
now, Fab Artistico, is so dimensionally stable that registration isn't
problem, tho I am not brave enough to eliminate the presoak

> In a recent post, GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink, there was mention of
> preshrinking in cold water not needing additional sizing because the
> retains the manufacturer's sizing. Has anyone experimented with this
> can comment on it? Specifically, I have some Aquarelle that I am
trying a
> cold (70F) preshrink with and am finding that the paper becomes
> in the water. It looks like part of the paper becomes peppered with
> transparent areas when wet and opaque when dry. Also the paper
seemed more
> flexable after drying after the first 1/2 hour soak. I haven't seen
> happen when hot preshrinking this same paper. Once the paper is dry
> the second cold preshrink i'll see how it works with cyanotype and
gum and
> if it needs additional sizing.
> Best, Scott

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