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Good Morning!

thanks for taking a moment to review this list...hopefully there is something here you need...


NEW ClearFile Brand Archival Pages...100 for $20 shipped in the US. International surface shipping available...these are the very high quality pages that fit in standard 3 ring binders. Crystal clear. v

35mm negative strips 7 strips of 5

120 strips

35mm slides

----------shipping is not included in the following items---------

Glass is EX+ cosmetics are EX+

Pentax 6 x 7 Camera Body with TTL Meter $225

Wood Hand Grip $50

SMC Macro Takumar 135mm f4 with Caps $200

SMC Pentax 67 55mm f4 with Caps $225

SMC Pentax Takumar 200mm f4 with caps $200


The following cameras are sold as is unless noted most have not been tested and are for parts only

Nikon N80 Camera Body missing battery base door and bad shutter cosmetics EX+ $35

Canon EOS Rebel Camera Bodies complete EX+ cosmetics untested you get both Rebeb abd Rebel S Bodies $40

Canon EOS Rebel WORKS with 35-80 Quantaray Zoom $50

Nikon Nikonos IVa Body UNTESTED EX $35

Fuji Fujica Black AX5 with Normal Lens UNTESTED EX+ $25

Canon AT 1 and AL 1 Camera Bodies UNTESTED Both $25

Canon 50mm f1.8 FD Lenses EX working $15 each many available

Minolta MC MD 50mm f1.7 or F2 lenses working $15 each many available

Minolta X370n Camera Body and Carenar Minolta SX300 Camera Body untested both $25

Vivitar V3000x Mechanical Pentax K Mount SLR with Zoom working EX+ $30

Pentax SM Camera bodies untested parts SP SP2 SP SP500 all four $45

------------------large format APO Lenses-------------

Nikon APO Process Camera Lenses EX+ glass caps $125 each $200 both

APO Nikkor 480 f9

APO Nikkor 360 f9



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