BLB screw-in tubes

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Date: 05/06/05-10:58:50 PM Z
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Over the past several years a new product has appeared on the market
that is of potential use as a light source for alternative printing.
The product is a BLB coiled fluorescent tube that will screw into a
standard incandescent bulb socket. These screw-in tubes are currently
available in 13 watt and 20 watt size and are about the same size as
a regular 75 watt incandescent bulb. Their UV output is the same as
18" and 24" BLB tubes.

My initial thoughts after experimenting with these tubes is that one
could probably gang a bunch of these together and come up with a UV
printing unit that would weigh a lot less for the same UV output than
a bank of fluorescent tubes. In essence on could simply attach an
array of bulb sockets, spaced about six inches apart, to the top of a
wooden box, and and connect the wires. Since no ballast is required
such a unit would be relatively light compared to the typical UV bank
of tubes.

Just a thought. In case anyone wants to have another look here is a
web site that describes one of the screw-in BLB tubes, in this case a
13 watt unit.

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