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From: Jeremy Moore ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/03/05-01:48:34 PM Z
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My last post seems to be lost to the wayward universe of the internet,
but I asked Clay if he had been able to fix this problem as I developed
the same symptom with my 1280 this week.

I had resigned myself to saving for a new printer, but did try a last
ditch effort which appears to have worked. First I printed out 6 blocks
of color, one for each of the inks, and printed this to see if my
banding problem was across all of the colors or not. Well lo and behold,
the banding was only in the light magenta--a big problem since my
negatives are R:255! (and B:30).

A couple of head cleanings later and I was still in the same boat so I
did yet another head alignment and cleaning and then in frustration
printed an 8x10 of solid light magenta. What do you know, but the
banding was gone about 1/3 way down the page. This was of course
immediately followed by a digineg which is now drying--we'll see if it
worked, but it looks like it did.


Clay wrote:

> In the last few weeks, my heretofore dependable epson 1280 is creating
> striping on my diginegs. The striping shows up as areas of uneven
> density that are more visible to the combination of platinum chemistry
> and UV light than to the naked eye. The stripes have a frequency of
> about 2-3mm, and show up in same direction that the print head travels
> (i.e. perpendicular to the direction the paper travels through the
> printer) FWIW, I am using Keith Schreiber's digineg workflow and
> pictorico film.
> My question is this: Has anyone experienced or heard of printers
> developing this problem as they age?
> My printer is now about 3 years old. And before you ask - yes, I ran
> multiple cleaning cycles - yes, I changed the ink cartridge, and yes,
> i ran the alignment utility.
> Chuck it? Repair it? Make negs the old fashioned way?
> Thoughts welcomed.
> Clay
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