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In the arts we call this 'cataloging.' Make lists and piles, store stuff
and lable boxes.

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> Well, It is official! I watched "Ophra " and she interviewed a
> number of people medically
> diagnosed with a mental disorder called compulsive "Hoarding" .... These
> people just had piles of junk around and were bottle necked to the point
> they could not function.........They were just going on and on about how
> terrible their lives were.......
> The Psychologist would go to their houses and help them throw away
> stuff and try to figure out why they collected so much junk... ...They
> were not very sensitive to " good junk" and what they really needed was a
> Doctor of Junkology and not these " Twisters".
> After seeing the show, all I can say is these people have
> not seen
> anything yet! ......... They were just a bunch of short hitters
> ...........
> There was Nothing Photographic! .... .No refrigerator filled with
> outdated film, pictures cameras or lenses laying around.
> ...........No
> surplus industrial film processing machines ! There were no
> chemical "leakers" or spills with the shelves corroding away! ... ... No
> old but still functional back up computers .....They actually still
> had
> paths that had not closed up yet and the furniture was still visible!
> After seeing the show, I would be afraid to have a Psychologist
> come over to look at the " Pile" as I believe it has become a living
> entity
> ............ I am certain they would have me committed even though I am
> happier than a pig in a mud pit.
> John Cremati
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