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Date: 05/28/05-06:53:13 PM Z
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In a recent post, GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink, there was mention of preshrinking in cold water not needing additional sizing because the paper retains the manufacturer's sizing. Has anyone experimented with this and can comment on it? Specifically, I have some Aquarelle that I am trying a cold (70F) preshrink with and am finding that the paper becomes "splotchy" in the water. It looks like part of the paper becomes peppered with transparent areas when wet and opaque when dry. Also the paper seemed more flexable after drying after the first 1/2 hour soak. I haven't seen either happen when hot preshrinking this same paper. Once the paper is dry from the second cold preshrink i'll see how it works with cyanotype and gum and if it needs additional sizing.

Best, Scott
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