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Date: 05/09/05-08:39:20 PM Z
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Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
>> I prefer the potassium and litium salts and rarely use the sodium
>> because of color preferences.
> What are the colors produced?

You won't get definitive answers to this because of the many variables
which can and do cause differences.

For the materials and conditions I typically use the sodium gives a
yellow color I personally do not care for except maybe in some
particular situations.

With similar materials and conditions the potassium gives a more
orangish brown and the lithium sepia brown (dry) to bluish black (wet).
  Various colors are also produced when adding platinum and mixing and
matching the various salts with palladium. I have not added gold
(chysotype), but have seens others' prints with some redish and purple

The paper can affect the color too, not only by it's color but by it's
chemistry. And many other things affect the color too.

For easy reference to the weights to measure out, check out my Quick
Formula Table in Chapter 6 of my guide (page 6.8).

Jeffrey D. Mathias
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