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From: Jan Kapoor ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/02/05-07:56:10 PM Z
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I used to keep cameras locked up in a cabinet until we had a burglary
and they wrenched the cabinet open and stole all my 35mm stuff. Didn't
know what the 4x5 was, though, so they left it! I kind of collect old,
usable cameras too, and they are all over the place. No self-respecting
burglar would want anything to do with that old junk-- so I don't worry
about it. Now that I do a lot of pinhole, he wouldn't know a camera from
an old box anyway!


Barry Kleider wrote:

> And, by the way, all that CRAP all over the house is valuable!
> I finally solved this problem by getting a gun safe. Set me back about
> $300.
> Works great. Really heavy to drag into the house. Lots of peace of
> mind knowing that no one is getting shot with my stuff without my
> knowledge....
> Barry
> Michael Koch-Schulte wrote:
>>I'm going crazy. My cameras are everywhere, all over the house. Konicas
>>here, Leicas there, medium format outfit in several bags. I won't even
>>mention the obsolete stuff which I've got boxes of. I need to build a
>>cabinet or something. How do people store their stuff?!

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