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I found this reference but it may be the one you started with.,%2520Denise.doc+%22John+Robert+Johns

Gene Robkin

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Hi Bob,
It is a patent on casein. I have the inventor/applicant, a John Robert
Johnson, and a possible date (1870) and a possible number (201) but I
locate anything with those parameters. I think the date or the number
wrong but I can't just scroll thru all the patents, it seems, of the
1870. Oh, I think it is a British patent. I've tried the and
the but still cannot seem to get to what I want.
tried boolean operators too. I'm obviously either doing something wrong
one of my details is wrong.

I am currently writing a book that requires a fair amount of patent
research. I have been searching patents almost daily for the last year
more. What is giving you problems? I do not use the USPTO, by the way.
Perhaps I can help you?
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