RE: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink

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Date: 05/24/05-10:37:54 AM Z
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Hi Keith,

Thanks for saying about "selling". Selling is selling.

Is MOWIOL similar to the PVA as in Elmers School Glue? I've used the latter and found it to be intriguing to use - but the contrast seems extremely high. So perhaps that's why the images are built up in stages? And with enough passes, you get a relief? With such hard-edged processes, I suspect you can thicken the emulsion and get relief more easily.

I regret that we haven't met. Sandy and Mark have both told me about your interesting work.

Sam Wang

>Actually, the guy is pretty good:
>He's got some witty stuff here and there are some shots of him at work.
>What I find intriguing is that he says that he work acquires a relief as
>the coats are added. Did you see an actual relief in his work? I have
>tried all kind of things to make that happen and have failed. Please
>keep us informed about your experiences with MOWIOL. I'm intrigued. 
>I would caution you against placing a premium on whether a person
>"sells" in determining their expertise. I "sell", too. Not nearly
>enough, mind you, but I still wouldn't call myself an expert. 
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