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On Sun, 29 May 2005, Robert M wrote:

> seems to me, if a member asks why
> Winsor & Newton is the preferred choice, they should be able to. Unless I
> miss your point and I managed to avoid a rather hearted discussion, as often
> happens.

It seems to me I gave a long, detailed, fact and history-filled
explanation of why Winsor Newton has been preferred, or was. Did you read

It is my opinion, though you may disagree, that every discussion
should be "hearted." Either way, you claim to have "managed to avoid" --
perhaps what you avoided was the information you request again.

> So my next question is this: if "you" are concerned about vehicles and
> carriers that may or may not affect the process or the longevity of the
> print, why not forget commercially manufactured colors and compound your
> own? There are a few good sources for pure pigments and the "simple"
> requirements of the gum process/Tri-Color Carbo make compounding quite easy.

Because in my considerable experience in gum printing, a well formulated,
documented & labelled paint is far better to work with and infinitely
quicker. If you've ever seen a movie of rollers preparing a tube pigment,
you will understand why it gives a smoothness not reached by hand mulling,
unless that is your preferred long-term passtime & probably not even then.

Meanwhile, I didn't say good paints are not available, in fact quite the
contrary. I said some paints are bad. That hardly means I need to make my
own paint, rather that I have to know what I'm buying,the parameters and
the variables.

> You put "realistic" in quotes. Are you interested in true color or some
> approximate fidelity to sooth your vision? I am just asking. True color is
> "easy" because you can easily obtain the proper dyes used to make dye
> transfer prints. They should be easy to change to suite the needs of most
> workers on this list.

I wouldn't sooth my vision or soothe it either with paint. In fact my
vision doesn't need soothing, quite the contrary. If I wanted fully
"realistic" color or "realistic" anything else, however, I would make

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