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90 minutes in the sun, even under overcast sky, seems way long to me. I
haven't exposed in the sun a lot, but when I have, my times outside in
direct sun have been less than a minute, and in shadow (reflected UV)
about 3-4 minutes.

davidhatton wrote:
> Hi,
> Ok ya got me. I remember reading 'somewhere' that a gum print should
> look like a charcoal or pastelle drawing and that the shine effects
> contrast.
> Also, in Post factory (my bestest gift ever from my daughter ), it
> mentions reducing shine by abrading with fine sandpaper. From this I
> extrapolated that shine was
> out in gum.
> As far as my exposures are concerned I'm using a single low contrast
> 8x10 tri-X in camera neg. trying to produce a monochrome(ish) image. I
> basically have to overexpose all layers as I only have the Sun as a
> light source. I thought I had it down but then along come clouds, heat
> haze etc..etc..The rationale being that ANY print would clear eventally.
> Just can't get any depth.
> Today I tried a single coat print. 1 inch of Dan Smith deep Scarlet, 5
> ml gum, 10 ml saturated Potted Dick. Print is on unsized saunders
> waterford. The coating was perfect ( even if I say so myself) even,
> polished, dried in the dark under a fan. Exposure by my guessometer was
> 90 min. overcast sky south western Turkey.
> I soaked it, washed it with running water, brushed it gently by
> disturbing the water (not actually touching) over the print. I then hit
> it with cold water shower followed by hot water shower followed by a
> scrubbing brush.Nothing.
> Is it really possible? This process? The examples in Post Factory are
> beautiful - but are they real? My wife is hiding all sharp objects and
> looking worried. I suppose watching your husband scrubbing paper in the
> bath is a tad un-nerving...
> Is there anyone out there using the sun as a light source for gum?
> David Hatton
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