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latest false flag attack?

On 09/24/2018 12:18 PM, juan wrote:
> On Mon, 24 Sep 2018 00:04:09 -0700
> Mirimir <mirimir at riseup.net> wrote:
>> He just has his own conception of reality, and won't
>> accept other perspectives ;)
> 	I let that pass the first time when you said 
>> But Juan, you are so damn committed to being right.
> 	But two times is enough =)


> 	Are you truly missng the fact that you accuse me of wanting to be right while you do the exact same thing?

Hey, we all get stuck in being right, at times. But I believe that my
opinions are generally not dogmatic, and that I'm open to evidence and
argument. And I do revise opinions when convinced by evidence and/or
argument. Also, I generally don't profess opinions when unqualified.

For example, the recent paper Nasr, Bahramali and Houmansadr (2018)
DeepCorr: Strong Flow Correlation Attacks on Tor Using Deep Learning
<https://arxiv.org/pdf/1808.07285.pdf> does decrease my confidence in
Tor and VPN chains. But in my opinion, that's still the best existing
approach for online anonymity. Except maybe for chained botnet proxies,
but that's too morally iffy.

So hey, please do call me out if I'm being dogmatic :)

> 	Why on fucking earth should I 'accept' the 'perspective' of the likes of tazer, donald and agent fairbrother, who are not only promoting official propaganda, but pretending THEY are right?

I'm not arguing that you ought to accept them. Just that it might be
useful to consider them, to see if there's anything sensible in them.

> 	Do you really fail to see how ridiculous it is to point out that somebody is stubborn....while you STUBBORNLY have a different 'view' yourself? 

If I did, I suppose that it would be. But even though I may at times be
dogmatic and stubborn, it's still useful to raise the issue.

Commonly, debates become acrimonious, positions harden, and participants
seem to focus on winning. Rather than on revising their opinions, in
light of evidence and argument. And rudeness makes it worse, because
people tend to get triggered.

Anyway, thanks for engaging :)