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latest false flag attack?

	I originally was wondering about the NEXT false flag attack or inside job that tazer's employers, that is the US military, will do. Somehow we ended up talking about a previous inside job. So, to recap some facts about 9/11 :

	1) there was no 'hijacked' commercial plane at the pentagon (thanks James for linking evidence)
	2) WTC7 is an example of controlled demolition that gets a score of 9/10, it is so good.
	3) of course the twin towers were blown up using the same technique, apart from the damage from 'planes' that alone could not have brought them down in the way that was seen on tee vee.

	4) the party that promotes the official conspiracy theory has a track record of hundreds of years of mass murder and a bunch of other crimes against humanity. Taking a single word of what they say as half credible is a joke. But anyway, see 1), 2), 3) above.