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latest false flag attack?

On 2018-09-14 04:22, juan wrote:
> 	I originally was wondering about the NEXT false flag attack or inside job that tazer's employers, that is the US military, will do. Somehow we ended up talking about a previous inside job. So, to recap some facts about 9/11 :
> 	1) there was no 'hijacked' commercial plane at the pentagon (thanks James for linking evidence)

The video evidence shows a commercial airliner sized plane flying near 
horizontal at near ground level, consistent with eyewitness reports from 
the road that a plane flew over their heads so low it clipped the light 

Bits of the plane and the victims showed up in the ruins at the Pentagon.'

> 	2) WTC7 is an example of controlled demolition that gets a score of 9/10, it is so good.

The video of WTC7 shows that it begins its fall by toppling like a tree, 
not like a demolition, that its fall starts by tilting sideways towards 
the holes smashed by the plane, like a tree tilting towards the the 
notch cut by the axe.

> 	3) of course the twin towers were blown up using the same technique, apart from the damage from 'planes' that alone could not have brought them down in the way that was seen on tee vee.

We all saw on television damage amply sufficient to bring down a 
building.  What was odd was not them falling, but them continuing to 
stand for as long as they did.   One might have expected WT7 to survive 
but one would have thought the two towers to fall immediately, and it 
was surprising to me as I watched the second plane hit the second tower 
that it did no fall immediately.