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latest false flag attack?

> On Sun, 23 Sep 2018 21:13:36 +1000
> jamesd at echeque.com wrote:
>> None of which changes the fact the building was designed to withstand only
>> three hours of uncontrolled fire

On 2018-09-24 05:34, juan wrote:
> 	that is a fuckingly stupid lie that neither you nor agent fairbrother can provide a source for.

You are lying about sources, as you lied about the fall of building seven.

You lie about what everyone can see happened in 9/11

The political function of your lies is to provide cover for a government 
program of importing male military age Muslim rapeugees from subsaharan 
Africa, and dumping them on marginal Republican federal electorates in 
flyover country, while turning a blind eye to their rapes and to  the 
fact that nearly all of them are living on crime and welfare.

Here, yet again, is the source for the fact that the steel columns 
holding up World Trade Center Building Seven were only rated for three 
hours of uncontrolled fire.  (Which is longer than would ever happen 
under normal circumstances, because normally fires in tall buildings are 
controlled pretty quickly)


     "For this construction category, columns were required to have a 2 
h rating as established by the Standard Fire Test (ASTM E 119); beams 
were required to have a 1½ h rating.  The instructions to the bidders 
for the WTC 7 job were to bid on a 3 h rating for the columns and a 2 h 
rating for the metal deck and floor support steel, which corresponded to 
the more stringent fire resistance requirements for Type 1B 
(unsprinklered) construction."

World Trade Center Building Seven fell after seven hours of uncontrolled 
fire, which is roughly what one would expect, and it fell largely 
sideways, not on its own footprint, which is roughly what one would 
expect in collapse by fire,  and it fell piece by piece, not all at the 
same time, with the outer shell collapsing after everything else, after 
the innards were gutted by internal collapses, which is roughly what one 
would expect in a building where the inner floors had a lower fire 
rating than the columns.

And when the outer shell finally collapsed, it started its fall by 
tilting sideways to the south like a tree notched by a woodman, which is 
what one would expect in a building that suffered massive damage on the 
south side, though the primary cause of the collapse was the fire, not 
the notch on the south side.