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latest false flag attack?

>> On 2018-09-23 04:50, juan wrote:
>>> 	OK - So you don't have any reference for the claim
>> I just gave you a reference to the claim.
> 	No, you fucking didn't. Here's what your pal agent fairbigbrother wrote and you dishonestly ignored as usual :
> 	The 3 hr rating is for the *FIRE PROTECTION material* coating the columns, not the columns themselves, let alone the whole building, like peter wrongly assumes.

What do you think the fire protection material is for?

If it rated for three hours, this implies that the columns will cease to 
be protected after three hours.

That steel columns in tall buildings need a fire protection coating, 
need fire protection material implies, that if allowed to get too hot, 
the steel will soften, and the building will fall.

World Trade Center Building Seven fell in large part because fires raged 
uncontrolled for seven hours.  Steel frame buildings just are not 
designed to handle really prolonged fires.  This is a well known issue 
that people who build tall buildings talk about and design around all 
the time.