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latest false flag attack?

On Tue, 25 Sep 2018 14:17:40 +1000
jamesd at echeque.com wrote:

> On 2018-09-24 17:04, Mirimir wrote:
> > It's arguable that Juan is nether red nor blue, but rather hates both.
> Right now Blue State Mueller (surrounded by democrats, FBI, and CIA) is 
> going after Red State Trump (surrounded by republicans, Generals, and 
> Military Intelligence)
> Mueller has obvious links to 9/11 US Government misconduct. Trump does not.
> Pretty sure that Juan is going to tell us Trump is on the side of those 
> dirty rotten Zionists, 

	Right, he is.  Also, like any other president he's just a figurehead. Although personally the trumpo is a high ranking criminal with a 'net worth' of some thousands of millions. But his money doesn't seem to make much difference when it comes to being a 'democratic' monarch or president. 

> and that Mueller is a Republican, even though he 
> is surrounded by Democrats and carrying their water.

	I don't even know who the fuck mueller is. He's just another criminal bureaucrat. I don't know  which one of the two factions of the One Amerikan Party  he's supposed to belong to  and I don't care because it is irrelevant. 

> And while those dirty rotten Zionists have no doubt done lots of bad 
> things, right now they are not bombing marginal federal electorates in 
> flyover country with black male military age Muslim rapeugees.

	Bottom line:  whatever red, blue, or shit-brown factions there are inside the US govt, they all act as one when it comes to further the interests of the Glorious US State.

	Also, I'd expect the US military to include a good dose of lefty 'progressives' who want to make the world safe for 'democracy', feminism, goldman sachs and the rest of 'progressive' americunt 'values'.  

	So classifying military 'intelligence'(LMAO) as blue or red is flawed. Even if the classification had any actual meaning, which it doesn't anyway.