Want more glow in Pt/Pd

From: Sandy King ^lt;sanking@clemson.edu>
Date: 11/09/04-11:21:54 PM Z
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Wet Pt./Pd print (and VDBs and kallitypes as well) have a wonderful
look when wet, but on dry down, even with appropriate exposure
compensation, they look rather flat, especially when compared to
prints with other processes that have some sheen, such as gums,
carbons, etc.

I have tried various things to recapture the *wet* look of Pt./Pd.
prints, including spray coatings with Crystal Clear Acrylic, surface
coating with Gamblin and Renaissance Wax, soaking in Liquitex Acrylic
Gloss Medium, etc. but the results with these products, though they
give a little snap to the print, fall short of what I would like to

Any ideas for a more aggressive approach that might increase the glow
and snap of dry Pt./Pd. prints? Has anyone tried soaking a completed
print in gelatin, or coating it with another colloid such as gum
arabic? Other suggestions?

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