Re: UV Density of inkjet transparency films

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Date: 11/09/04-10:55:25 PM Z
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The base density of Pictorico and Epson OHP have approximately the
same UV transmission, and therefore print with about the same speed.
The PhotoWarehouse Crystal Clear OHP prints approximately 1/2 stop
faster than either of the above.


>I've been having trouble with my email program and haven't been able to
>search through my list archives so I thought I would just go ahead and
>I have been printing on the photowarehouse transparency film with a max
>black time of 5 minutes, but I was given a package of pictorico and a
>small stack of the staples brand transparencies.
>Has anyone tested the UV transmission of rates of any of these films in
>respect to one another (*i.e. pictorico is 2 stops faster than
>photowarehouse or Epson is 50% faster than staples, etc.)?
>I just wanted a ballpark figure so that I could go ahead and make a few
>quick negatives on each and then some prints to see if there was any
>appreciable difference between the brands in the final product.
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