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I have the same problem with Vandykes and Cyanotypes (heavy compression
in shadows after drying) and I crave for a solution too (I print using
quadblacks too and I'm very used to the incredible shadow detail I get
from this printing method - for the moment, among all the alt.
proccesses I work with, I get the best shadow detail with Ziatypes; this
process seems to print even the slightest tone in the negative! Very
close to my inkjet prints - inkjet being slightly better to my eyes...
The problem is with Cyanotypes and much more with Vandykes)

There were individuals who said the Dmax of their pigmented inkjet
prints on matte paper increased from 1.6 to 2.0-2.1 after double coating
with Hydrocote Gloss Polyshield (each coating being ~ 30 microns thick -
applied with a special coating rod. See - thus increasing
contrast and giving better shadows separation. Maybe the gloss from the
coating may reveal the details in the shadows...

See for some more info about the product.

I have the satin version of this product which just arrived (the only
difference with the gloss version is that there's a small amnt. wax - a
kind of - added to the formula. I preferred this because my intention
was to protect the print, not to increase the gloss of the paper) and
will make a trial this weekend. I can inform you and other list members
about the result if you like - if there is someone already tried this,
can you please share your experience?

Another question: Is there anyone that thinks coating a Pt/Pd print with
a poliurethane of uncertain longevity - to me at least - is a kind of
"herecy"? ;)


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> Subject: Want more glow in Pt/Pd
> Wet Pt./Pd print (and VDBs and kallitypes as well) have a wonderful
> look when wet, but on dry down, even with appropriate exposure
> compensation, they look rather flat, especially when compared to
> prints with other processes that have some sheen, such as gums,
> carbons, etc.
> I have tried various things to recapture the *wet* look of Pt./Pd.
> prints, including spray coatings with Crystal Clear Acrylic, surface
> coating with Gamblin and Renaissance Wax, soaking in Liquitex Acrylic
> Gloss Medium, etc. but the results with these products, though they
> give a little snap to the print, fall short of what I would like to
> see.
> Any ideas for a more aggressive approach that might increase the glow
> and snap of dry Pt./Pd. prints? Has anyone tried soaking a completed
> print in gelatin, or coating it with another colloid such as gum
> arabic? Other suggestions?
> Sandy
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