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Thanks for the information about McDonald Spray. First, what is it? A
shellac, wax, urethane, other?

Would appreciate your thoughts on the archival considerations of this
and any other type of over-coating that might be used to enhance glow
and Dmax of Pt./Pd. prints. I would like to be able to change the
appearance of my kallitype and Pt./Pd. prints, and I don't consider
any of these types of operations "heresy" per say. However, based on
having to re-do the bright work on sailboats I am inherently deeply
suspicious of all claims made for UV protection for protections
agents, including shellacs, varnishes, and modern acrylics and



>Sandy, I have not been doing so for my own work, but I have in the past
>used a spray lacquer to add a bit of that wet look back to the print. I
>used the McDonald Spray by Sure Guard. It was the glossy spray but did not
>spray for or to a completely glossy look. The spray was applied with a
>spray gun rather than in individual cans so the actual technique would be
>slightly different. If you were to use cans, you could spray about 12
>inches away. Spray quickly enough not to build up the spray and make sure
>you overlap the spray as you go from left to right. Two coats brought
>enough depth without getting a glossy look to the prints. I never measured
>the dmax increase. On the down side, the spray had a bad habit of coming
>off in the mounting press and required a completely different set of boards
>than the silver prints, but that was not tat big of a deal. I was able to
>apply it heavily enough to look even but still able to lightly spot through
>it if I happened to miss a small spot.
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>> Wet Pt./Pd print (and VDBs and kallitypes as well) have a wonderful
>> look when wet, but on dry down, even with appropriate exposure
>> compensation, they look rather flat, especially when compared to
>> prints with other processes that have some sheen, such as gums,
>> carbons, etc.
>> I have tried various things to recapture the *wet* look of Pt./Pd.
>> prints, including spray coatings with Crystal Clear Acrylic, surface
>> coating with Gamblin and Renaissance Wax, soaking in Liquitex Acrylic
>> Gloss Medium, etc. but the results with these products, though they
>> give a little snap to the print, fall short of what I would like to
>> see.
>> Any ideas for a more aggressive approach that might increase the glow
>> and snap of dry Pt./Pd. prints? Has anyone tried soaking a completed
>> print in gelatin, or coating it with another colloid such as gum
>> arabic? Other suggestions?
>> Sandy
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