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Sandy, I have not been doing so for my own work, but I have in the past
used a spray lacquer to add a bit of that wet look back to the print. I
used the McDonald Spray by Sure Guard. It was the glossy spray but did not
spray for or to a completely glossy look. The spray was applied with a
spray gun rather than in individual cans so the actual technique would be
slightly different. If you were to use cans, you could spray about 12
inches away. Spray quickly enough not to build up the spray and make sure
you overlap the spray as you go from left to right. Two coats brought
enough depth without getting a glossy look to the prints. I never measured
the dmax increase. On the down side, the spray had a bad habit of coming
off in the mounting press and required a completely different set of boards
than the silver prints, but that was not tat big of a deal. I was able to
apply it heavily enough to look even but still able to lightly spot through
it if I happened to miss a small spot.

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> Subject: Want more glow in Pt/Pd
> Wet Pt./Pd print (and VDBs and kallitypes as well) have a wonderful
> look when wet, but on dry down, even with appropriate exposure
> compensation, they look rather flat, especially when compared to
> prints with other processes that have some sheen, such as gums,
> carbons, etc.
> I have tried various things to recapture the *wet* look of Pt./Pd.
> prints, including spray coatings with Crystal Clear Acrylic, surface
> coating with Gamblin and Renaissance Wax, soaking in Liquitex Acrylic
> Gloss Medium, etc. but the results with these products, though they
> give a little snap to the print, fall short of what I would like to
> see.
> Any ideas for a more aggressive approach that might increase the glow
> and snap of dry Pt./Pd. prints? Has anyone tried soaking a completed
> print in gelatin, or coating it with another colloid such as gum
> arabic? Other suggestions?
> Sandy
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