Re: Want more glow in Pt/Pd

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Date: 11/16/04-10:50:58 PM Z
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I was looking for something else, but found this ref:

Rene de la Rie, E. 1987. The Influence of Varnishes on the Appearance
of Paintings, Studies in Conservation, 32, 1--13.

This may have some helpful hints for this issue...

Just FYI --

Ryuji Suzuki
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From: Sandy King <>
Subject: Want more glow in Pt/Pd
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 00:21:54 -0500
> Wet Pt./Pd print (and VDBs and kallitypes as well) have a wonderful 
> look when wet, but on dry down, even with appropriate exposure 
> compensation, they look rather flat, especially when compared to 
> prints with other processes that have some sheen, such as gums, 
> carbons, etc.
> I have tried various things to recapture the *wet* look of Pt./Pd. 
> prints, including spray coatings with Crystal Clear Acrylic, surface 
> coating with Gamblin and Renaissance Wax, soaking in Liquitex Acrylic 
> Gloss Medium, etc. but the results with these products, though they 
> give a little snap to the print, fall short of what I would like to 
> see.
> Any ideas for a more aggressive approach that might increase the glow 
> and snap of dry Pt./Pd. prints? Has anyone tried soaking a completed 
> print in gelatin, or coating it with another colloid such as gum 
> arabic? Other suggestions?
> Sandy
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