Gum Tri-Color Yellow

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Date: 06/02/04-07:00:40 PM Z
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As my new gum project progresses, I'd love some comments on the yellow
layer of a tri-color gum. I'm basically trying Sam Wang's method
(cyanotype, then yellow gum, then magenta gum from digital negs). see

First question: Yellow layer. The "Process" looking yellow paints are
giving me a normal DR and clear well. What they don't do is show the
individual steps well, I get more of a gradient than steps. I settled
on Rowney's "Permanent Yellow #664" (Quinophthalone Yellow PY138). The
image looks OK, but Yellow is always the color I have to reprint to get
the balance right. Is this normal, or am I using a poor paint choice.

Second question: Is anyone using the full "D-Max" of the cyanotype? I
find it too strong for the gum layers, and have adjusted the curve and
print time to limit the D-Max. Normal, or am I missing something?


Tom Ferguson
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