Re: Gum Tri-Color Yellow

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Date: 06/05/04-05:02:56 AM Z
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Tom Ferguson wrote:

> First question: Yellow layer. The "Process" looking yellow paints are
> giving me a normal DR and clear well. What they don't do is show the
> individual steps well, I get more of a gradient than steps.

Back to your original question about the Stouffer steps, Tom, I have a
late and probably not very useful answer for you, but since I have it
I'll share it anyway. When you asked this question on Wednesday, I was
curious whether I would get this same result with PY110, so I went out
to the studio and printed a (Mark, did you decide whether it's a wedge
or a tablet?) and put it in the water, and then forgot all about it. I
spent the next couple of days cleaning up the grass around the
fenceposts and trees and whatnot and planting the last of my baskets
and planters, so I didn't get back to the studio til this morning, and
there was the step print that I had forgotten all about, still floating
in the water.

So..... I can tell you now that after about 60 hours in the water, PY110
shows four very nicely-separated steps; the rest is paper white. I have
no idea what it would have looked like earlier on. I'd scan it for you
but I seem to be running up against the maximum on my website.

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