new/old weird method of sizing perhaps?

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Date: 06/02/04-05:37:09 PM Z
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     I just have to share this weird thing from several old books. I've
been going thru all my books and all notes that I've accrued since last year
on gum (what a job) for the second time, and saw this repeated several times
and wondered if anyone had tried it:
It was recommended to make up a gelatin solution as per normal (heat and
dissolve) and then cool it, even store it in the fridge, and when you need
to size you **RUB** it in with a cloth or a brush. Cool! I mean, not "like
way cool" but "cold cool". One writer talked about securing a thin first
coat on unsized paper, and then sizing on top of this for the rest of your
     If this were possible, then you could always have your solution ready
to go.
     I think I just have to try this; gives me new ideas for jello--just
will have to take the lime and cottage cheese out of it.
     Anything to avoid polyeurethaning my baseboards...
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