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Have you tried printing a digital 21 step tablet along with a smooth gradient
that are grayscale using all three colors and see what the color tint is in
the print at different tonal levels?

Mark Nelson

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> Here is the odd thing(s):
> If I print a step wedge with each color individually they appear fine.
> If I print a step wedge with the cyan and yellow, I get the expected
> green (perhaps slightly blue).
> If I print a step wedge with cyan and magenta I get the expected blue
> (perhaps slightly red).
> If I print a step wedge with the yellow and magenta I get the expected
> red (perhaps slightly orange).
> It is only when combining all three that I get the brown/warm tone.
> The error is small, but absolutely repeatable. I "think" I still have
> too much cyan in shadows and too much yellow in the highlights. My
> first prints with the new yellow obviously had this problem, after I
> tweaked the curves I got the brown tone. A scan of one of the wedge's
> "brown" steps gave me 21 units of cyan, 28 units of magenta, and 42
> units of yellow.
> Not bad for someone who started this thread complaining that his
> yellows were far too weak!!!!!!
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