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My question was based on your statements written as:

>A year or two ago someone was
also talking about Rowney Permanent Yellow, but at that time Rowney's
Permanent Yellow (It even had the same number, #664) was made of PY1, an
entirely different pigment.

> If you don't have the paint and want to purchase a paint by choosing the
pigment first (the best way to choose paints IMO unless you have
infinite funds to buy a lot of paint in a hit and miss fashion) then go

I understand the name/number desigantion, I guess what I should have said is that all tube watercolors of a specific number, ID, or color name do not produce equivalent results. So if I understand your last advice, it is best to refer to the color chart at for information about the working characteristics of a specific pigment of differing brands. I assume their site has reliable information.


Don Bryant
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