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Date: 06/02/04-04:44:58 PM Z
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Tom Ferguson wrote:
> First question: Yellow layer. The "Process" looking yellow paints are
> giving me a normal DR and clear well. What they don't do is show the
> individual steps well, I get more of a gradient than steps. I settled
> on Rowney's "Permanent Yellow #664" (Quinophthalone Yellow PY138). The
> image looks OK, but Yellow is always the color I have to reprint to
> get the balance right. Is this normal, or am I using a poor paint
> choice.

Hi Tom,
I haven't used this pigment, but according to my most trusted source on
pigments, it sounds like a good one, being fairly lightfast (II),
semitransparent, an intense middle yellow (the hue resembling cadmium
yellow or hansa); it seems on the face of it as if it should print well
and be good in tricolor. But there's one thing in the description that
makes me wonder; it also says it's very light in value.

No, it's not "normal" to have to print yellow twice as a rule; the
yellow should have enough oomph to hold its own with one printing, and
that's why the description "very light in value" compared to other
yellows makes me wonder about the pigment. But at the same time, you say
above that you get a "normal DR" from it, so I'm not sure that I
understand what's going on here.

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