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Mark wrote:

>I often use the D1X as a backup to what I shoot on TMax 100 with the
>F5. There are some occasions where I prefer the digital over film.
>Usually that is with some portraiture and close-up work. The 6
>megapixel images can usually be interpolated up as much as 1.5X-2X
>if necessary for larger prints. For landscape work I definitely
>prefer the F5 and TMax 100-the 6 megapixel digital file just does
>not hold the fine detail necessary in some landscape work. A 22
>megapixel digital back would be nice for that.

What I missed in the whole discussion about digital is the matter of
the lenses. One of the F68-group, who is a specialist for the
technical side of Nikon, Leica & Canon, explained that , if you want
to have the benefit of 5 megapixel or higher, you need specific
designed lenses. Especially for landscape this was absolutely
necessary; he organised a workshop where the different newest, prof.
dig. camera's were tried out. The results were really convincing for
the special designed Leica-lense of the Digilux2; especially in
respect to landscape; w.o.w. not a matter of 'does not hold the fine
detail', but a matter of lense-design. (it was a bit of a surprise
that the price of the Leica looks reasonable :-) Does anyone has
equivalent experience, or is it just the Leica-myth??

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