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Darn Chris, you almost have me convinced that I should get one ;)

Mark NElson

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> Hi Jon,
> I deleted all the stuff that wasn't good, at no cost.  The images I have
> remaining are only what I figured my total savings on.
> As Dan Burkholder said, the main reason to buy a digital camera and carry it
> with you is (ta da) you'll take more pictures!
> Was I more carefree?  You betcha!  Was I sloppy?  No.  Did it make me a
> better photographer?  I would say yes; my freedom to experiment with blur
> and angles at no financial risk led me to some fun stuff.
> The worst you could risk is $500 for a 5 megapixel camera, and problems with
> storage down the road.  I'm willing to risk both.  But you've brought up
> very good points.  There's nothing like an archival, gorgeous, BW print,
> with archival negatives to boot.
> An added benefit is the time saved:  download files to computer and presto,
> instant tricolor sep negs.
> Maybe it's the cup of coffee I just had that makes me feel it's all coming
> up roses with digital.  10 years down the road, maybe we'll all be freaking
> out because our CD's are crazed.
> Chris

Mark Nelson
Time flies like an arrow.
Fruit flies like a banana.
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