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Date: 04/14/04-08:35:55 AM Z
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>> I have a lot of digital images that
>> I wish I had made with silver halide materials just because they're good
>> images.   I can only do so much with them as digital files...of course I
>> make internegs out of them if I wanted but it's just not the same!

>These were all intriguing questions, but the comment above makes me more
curious...  I figured that since I had to make an interneg anyway for
"alt," I cut out a lot of trouble by starting digital to begin with.  Are
you saying you don't get as good an enlarged neg when you start digital?
If so, is your "other" camera large format???? Or do you also get better
large neg from small format film ?


Usually I work in medium format with occasional forays into large format. I
used to do enlarged negs back in college when I did much more work in alt
processes...not very many opportunities to work in those processes nowadays. I
suppose that it's just a matter of preference and familiarity with the "old
fashioned" method of obtaining enlarged negs.

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