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Date: 04/13/04-12:05:23 PM Z
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I was really skeptical when I first ventured into digital photography. The
concept that the initial investment would be offset by the elimination of lab
and processing fees didn't convince me. I was still paying for printer
supplies: paper and ink cartridges. I had a great deal of initial success in
getting the color that I wanted but the pile of color controls that the various
softwares added to my computer soon out a stop to that...have to just clear out
the hard drive and start from scratch.
The saving grace is that you can now walk into a CVS drugstore (or any of
several other shops) and get a 4X6 print in an hour for 29 cents a
pop...enlargements can be had for a couple of bucks. This does take the edge off the
expense of printing the photos (I use them for reference for painting some of the
time). I was just about to buy one of those nice little dye-sub printers that
does 4X6's but why bother now? I can still wrestle with images in Photoshop
and print them at home when the need arises but I do have more flexibility
Not that I'm giving up my 4X5 camera.....

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