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     That's exactly why I went digital--for gum. I do not shoot color
because I always felt color film is too "spelled out" for my type of work.
I even shot snapshots (family stuff) in BW. I hand colored them if I wanted
color. Moving to digital was a leap of faith; it is my "color" camera.
     Why I shoot digital for tricolor gum aside from the obvious incredible
ease of getting a dgital tricolor separation negative is the ability I have
of getting a color image that is not too "spelled out." I can put color
where I want it, and how strong.
     The only problem I have had with digital is its tendency to blow out
highlights; hence I usually shoot at .7 EV in contrast. Mark does this with
his histogram and light meter, it seems from his last post. But he's an
uber techie. Mark, you gotta teach me that method. Or at least write it in
a book :)
     I have not found any problems relating to digital and gum. No one would
have any clue my gums were digital, except where I have manipulated the
image to include something that is certanly not there (like the thought
bubble in my image on Unblinking Eye). Sometimes I feel guilty that it is
so easy, given the amazing amounts of time the gum pioneers had to spend to
get a colored image. OH, there is one thing: size is constrained to the
size of the acetate or the printer.
     Speaking of size mattering, anyone know how Henneberg, Watzek and Kuhn
got those 2 ft by 3 ft gums? And anyone know if they wrote a book in
German? If so, what is the title? Or any gum book in German for that
matter? I have two so far by other people. I don't speak German so I am
SOL, but I got a grant for translation.
PS Gord, I love my Mamiya 7...I got it half priced on that PEPP
student/educator deal. Is that not available in Canada?
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> In the distant past I shot a lot of color slides, and printed a fraction
> of them with cibachrome.
> I'm getting the urge to work in color again , but this time printing color
> gum. I had been ogling medium-format rangefinders; Mamiya 7 Mayima 7 II
> etc. But for the price of one of these I could get a pretty nice digital
> camera.
> Christina - any reason why I shouldn't use a digital camera to shoot for
> color gum?
> Gord
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