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In the distant past I shot a lot of color slides, and printed a fraction
of them with cibachrome.

I'm getting the urge to work in color again , but this time printing color
gum. I had been ogling medium-format rangefinders; Mamiya 7 Mayima 7 II
etc. But for the price of one of these I could get a pretty nice digital

Christina - any reason why I shouldn't use a digital camera to shoot for
color gum?


On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> I should have prefaced my statement with this: a digital camera does NOT
> replace my Mamiya 7 nor my Nikon F100 nor my Arca Swiss 4x5. Nor my Zone
> Plate Pinhole nor my 4x5 pinhole nor my 4x10 pinhole nor my 8x10 view
> camera. A digi camera is added to my camera bag, in fact, two are, and I
> find myself shooting lots more with it. If money is an excuse to NOT buy a
> digicam, or waiting for the perfect digicam to come around the corner is the
> next best excuse, my advice is buy early and often.
> Frankly, making tri color seps with a digicam for **gum printing** is such a
> cinch I will NEVER go back to making enlarged negs in the darkroom **for
> that process**. And furthermore, my gum print is as or more archival than
> any black and white or color print in existence.
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