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[ale] Where to Start?

On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 12:52 AM, m-aaron-r <aaron at pd.org> wrote:

> On 2010/06/17, at 19:38 , Jim Kinney wrote:
> > If you want to go pro then fedora for desktops and
> >
> > RedHat/CentOS for servers.
> >
> Not to be contrary, since I believe the majority of enterprise
> operations are still Redhat centric, but I was surprised
> by the number of admin pros at tonight's meeting noting a
> strong preference for Ubuntu Server.

Heh, heh. That's because the RHEL pro's were at work leaving the  Unbunto
pro-wanna-be's at the meeting :-)

The Ubuntu Server is shaping up nicely as a package set. From a pro stand
point handling a crapton of systems, the long life products are the ones
that count, RHEL and the LTS versions of Ubuntu. Rapid fire system upgrades
are a pile of work when every application running has to be recertified and
all trainings docs rewritten to reflect the changes. What I've seen in the
RHEL world probably holds true in the Ubuntu LTS world; baseline OS for new
deployments changes about every 2 years or so. the longer term support means
the old crap stays afloat longer when third party apps are deemed "mission
critical" and the app provider has not delivered the ext version.
Additionally, many, many third party apps are super expensive so doing an
upgrade every two years is like taking three times the hardware and support
and OS and power and cooling and tossing it all out the window all just to
run on newer baseline OS. The bean counters hate that.

>  The leanings
> mostly come out of the strengths of apt-get / dpkg
> over yum / rpm and the reliability of update installations
> that apt-get provides.
> > All distros will let you do anything you want.
> >
> > Things are really easy to install now. Once you have
> >
> > devel tools and libs installed, pound code! Main thing
> >
> > is to have ready lonks to the distro community by web
> >
> > or mailing list AND a local Linux group.
> >
> Agreement with the rest for sure.
> peace
> aaron
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