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[ale] Where to Start?

If you see this reply in time and can make it, I'd suggest
you start with  tonight's meeting comparing some of the
Linux distro packages. Notice and directions, etc. at
<http://ale.org>  (7:30pm, Emory Law School)

Or you can start by looking at the hundreds of options
at Distrowatch.org.

Or just go with the popular flow and start with Ubunutu.

Any Linux distro version will have the OSS development
tools available.  If there are Development centric Distros
out there (and I'm sure there are), then Distrowatch can
help you find them.


On 2010/06/17, at 17:50 , Lenaud Hughes wrote:

> I'm completely new to Linux and open source software in general.
> Where should a novice, like myself, start in learning about the
> Linux OS and participating in open source projects.
> Any comments would be welcomed.
> p.s. I have an introductory working knowledge of Java and C+,
> but would like to learn Python, Perl, or maybe something like Lisp