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[ale] Where to Start?

On 2010/06/17, at 19:38 , Jim Kinney wrote:
> If you want to go pro then fedora for desktops and
> RedHat/CentOS for servers.
Not to be contrary, since I believe the majority of enterprise
operations are still Redhat centric, but I was surprised
by the number of admin pros at tonight's meeting noting a
strong preference for Ubuntu Server.  The leanings
mostly come out of the strengths of apt-get / dpkg
over yum / rpm and the reliability of update installations
that apt-get provides.

> All distros will let you do anything you want.
> Things are really easy to install now. Once you have
> devel tools and libs installed, pound code! Main thing
> is to have ready lonks to the distro community by web
> or mailing list AND a local Linux group.

Agreement with the rest for sure.