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[ale] Where to Start?

Gentoo is very developer-friendly because, among other reasons, a 
complete and working build system is implicit.

On 6/17/10 6:24 PM, m-aaron-r wrote:
> If you see this reply in time and can make it, I'd suggest
> you start with  tonight's meeting comparing some of the
> Linux distro packages. Notice and directions, etc. at
> <http://ale.org>   (7:30pm, Emory Law School)
> Or you can start by looking at the hundreds of options
> at Distrowatch.org.
> Or just go with the popular flow and start with Ubunutu.
> Any Linux distro version will have the OSS development
> tools available.  If there are Development centric Distros
> out there (and I'm sure there are), then Distrowatch can
> help you find them.
> peace
> aaron
> On 2010/06/17, at 17:50 , Lenaud Hughes wrote:
>> I'm completely new to Linux and open source software in general.
>> Where should a novice, like myself, start in learning about the
>> Linux OS and participating in open source projects.
>> Any comments would be welcomed.
>> p.s. I have an introductory working knowledge of Java and C+,
>> but would like to learn Python, Perl, or maybe something like Lisp
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