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[ale] Where to Start?

If you want to go pro then fedora for desktops and RedHat/CentOS for

All distros will let you do anything you want. Things are really easy to
install now. Once you have devel tools and libs installed, pound code! Main
thing is to have ready lonks to the distro community by web or mailing list
AND a local Linux group.
ALE is great even with the trashings we get into: -)

On Jun 17, 2010 6:41 PM, "Jeff Hubbs" <jhubbslist at att.net> wrote:

Gentoo is very developer-friendly because, among other reasons, a
complete and working build system is implicit.

On 6/17/10 6:24 PM, m-aaron-r wrote:
> If you see this reply in time and can make it, I'd suggest
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