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IPAM recommendations

* mel at beckman.org (Mel Beckman) [Thu 05 Sep 2019, 14:17 CEST]:
>I donâ??t think this is a reasonable understanding of Nanog. Nanog 
>members ask each other for operational tool recommendations all the 
>time, and since these products are right up the alley of Nanogâ??s 
>mission â?? network operations â?? itâ??s a perfectly reasonable use of 

Did you read Todd's email at all?  He asked the poster to do more 
homework before bothering the mailing list membership, an entirely 
reasonable request, especially given their recent posting history 
of similarly worded questions with lack of background supplied.

>But you read a single comment without researching any Nanog history,

This is laughably wrong.  Todd is a long-time NANOG attendee and has 
even served on its Program Committee.  (Pot, kettle, black.)

	-- Niels.