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Art and Tech is madness

On 05/09/2019 08:09, Kasper Adel wrote:

No.  This is art & tech from 12 years ago:


> In SPRING a time when segment and routing had no mismatch, a time when 
> isis and ospf ate a forbidden encap, all they had to do was forward 
> bgp like its hot, but crazy flapping doesnt leave any real LDP without 
> some real FSM check, My dynamic unnumbered neighbor.
> Suddenly, Out of order, an AS is overridden, we see frames dropping, 
> we sniff a bit and it turns out, sfps are burning, we are in a place 
> right now where ping and pong are jittery, their latency is tested, 
> they cant strengthen their icmp bond with a warm bfd message, how can 
> they keep everyone in ACK, safe from teardown and dampening, with this 
> kind of ixp relationship??! but oh admin, we know forwarding works in 
> its own mysterious ways. We are left with two non rfc compliant 
> scavengers, bastard 802.1ah fools in a leaky yet shaped, buffer 
> display of some runts and nimbles, and a giant too.
> They start their life of a packet, leaving one interface to a 
> neighbor, from an adjacency to a peer, an endless loop, its a prefix 
> hijack, but as they move from one stack to another, finding their way 
> through a tunnel of memory failures and RMAs, one hell of an LSP ride, 
> through firewall horrors and MTU mismatches, leaving behind, a sea of 
> syslog messages and snmp alarms. Anyway, Their ttl expired and one 
> funny access list abruptly denies them life, sending them to Null0, 
> where they can be peacefully discarded.
> Thats what tech does to yeh

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