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Xbox Live and Teredo

* Martin List-Petersen <martin at airwire.ie>

> Your best bet: set up a Terredo gateway and facilitate these Xboxes as 
> long as you don't give them native IPv6.

This is unlikely to help, as the XB1 doesn't use Teredo relays at all.

The XB1 uses Teredo to facilitate direct p2p communication between IPv4
consoles only. Essentially it is used an IPv4 NAT traversal mechanism.

Its Teredo implementation does not allow communication between IPv4 and
IPv6 peers. This is the only communication pattern which would normally
require a third-party Teredo relay. This unfortunately also means that
provisioning IPv6 is also unlikely to help, unless you're in a position
to provision it to both peers.

See: https://www.ietf.org/proceedings/88/slides/slides-88-v6ops-0.pdf

Personally I'd start out by verifying the connectivity to and
functionality of Microsoft's Teredo servers, which are used for NAT
address discovery and port mapping during tunnel setup (unlike Teredo
relays, Teredo servers aren't part of the Teredo «forwarding plane»).